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"For me Goalline has cut my paperwork from 60 to 75%. Where in the past, we had 1800 people come in, or mail in, a registration, it was all on a piece of paper. Now, the members, the players, the parents, they're the one putting the information in. I have found with Goalline, with having our membership register online, it's freed me up so I can focus more of my time on the customer service aspect and being able to deliver a better program to our membership."

Mike Davies - City Soccer

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"Our league has been using Goalline for over 3 years now. We have created several administrators to enter game stats; so it's not all on one volunteer. Among all the features, you can also list player profiles, with statistics on the player and a bio and picture. Best of all Goalline has a live game centre where we can enter scores in as they happen, and people can follow along online if they couldn't make it to the rink, and this automatically shows up on your own website."

Norm Thompson - Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League